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Updated Starting June 1st, if your package starts before June you can upgrade to this package.


  • Initial assessment & 2 follow-up appointments (typically spaced 2 weeks apart)
  • On-going support between appointments
  • Your choice of a either
    • 7 day meal plan or
    • Nutrient targets set in Cronometer app which I will be monitoring and tweaking as we go
  • $299

What to Expect

  • First appointment 60-90 min: assessment appointment, we'll review your health history, evaluate any nutrient deficiencies or imbalances and use specific assessment tools depending on your goals & symptoms (may include lab testing, weigh in, measurements, etc.), nutrition education and basic recommendations will be made
  • 2nd appointment 60 min: we'll check in on how the previous changes went, a detailed protocol and if applicable meal plan will be provided including dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations
  • 3rd appointment 30 min: check in, additional support and recommendations


Currently booking Start Up Packages for June!