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With deep gratitude to my wonderful clients for their kind words


I highly recommend Amy. She focuses on whole, nutrient dense foods and customized an eating plan for you specifically based on your goal, health etc. I have been consulting with her and she is extremely knowledgeable. She provides recipes, meal plans and shopping lists! Her guidance along with my new Fitbit is producing success. Down 9 lbs so far and feeling great!

- Lisa, Thunder Bay

While travelling I sometimes slip in my daily routine of healthy living and exercise. A Skype consultation with Amy helped me focus on what I was leaving out of my life emotionally and physically when I was abroad.

- Julie, Victoria BC

My work with Amy has shifted my relationship to nourishing myself. I feel empowered with tools and education that are taking my nutrition and vitality to a new level. My energy levels have increased with the rich wisdom she shared with me. I felt honestly heard in our sessions. Amy took such thorough care in asking me insightful questions, while listening to the answers authentically. Her presence combined with her knowledge allowed me to trust and absorb what she offered. I am very grateful for my opportunity to receive nutritional consultations from Amy. 

- Melody, Victoria BC

I had exhausted all efforts to seek answers, any hope was dimming  - and then I heard about you Amy.  And I thought there was nothing to lose by meeting with you.  And how right I was.  With a gentle professionalism you came into my home, listened to my concerns and gut struggles and you offered some suggestions.  Your knowledge is tremendous and is shared with such respect.  I never feel "talked at".  You helped me discern the various conflicting bits of information that I had been trying to understand between the internet and "health" professional books on the gut and supplements. 

- Anonymous, Thunder Bay ON

Amy has a deep intelligence, natural generosity, and a beautiful and bright spirit. Amy created several customized treatment plans for me: all practical, doable, and holistic. The plans covered nutrition, movement, supplements, recipes and what I refer to as "little therapies" to incorporate into my day-to-day; she even designed a spring cleanse especially for me. Every suggestion I follow brings improvement and I've noticed a big difference in my mood - thank you!.

- Mary-Louise, Victoria BC

Amy helped me translate processed food cravings into whole food alternatives. She really helped keep me on track by providing solutions and recommendations tailored to my needs. Being a first time mom is nerve racking enough and having Amy as my nutritional guide really reduced my stress. I am so grateful my son is a strong young dude. I highly recommend Amy as a nutritionist for pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. 

- Tali, New York

Amy has helped me immensely on how to take control of my anxiety and encourages me to "go for it" and try new things. I look forward to my visits with Amy as she treats you more as a friend than I client. I always leave happy and confident.  

-  Whitney, Thunder Bay

Although I am a health care professional, I believe in a holistic approach to caring for ourselves. I feel that making dietary and lifestyle changes should be a first step when a non-emergent health care issue arises. In December of 2015 I had blood work done prior to a routine physical. One of my blood tests showed that my thyroid was under active (TSH 5.75) and while I didn't yet have any symptoms of an under active thyroid I knew this was where I was headed. Although I am not against taking medication, I was hoping to find a more natural way of addressing this issue. I had an appointment with Amy and she was able to provide me with a plan consisting mainly of dietary changes and short term use of some supplements. Three months later my tests were repeated and my TSH was normal at 2.75. I will continue with the changes Amy suggested as I also noticed I did not get tired as fast when I was exercising. Thank you Amy.

- Cheryl, Thunder Bay ON

Amy has created a meal plan for me that works with both my tastes and the amount of time I'm able to spend cooking. This has resulted in my cravings dissipating and feeling fuller for longer. I am getting married in 2017 and plan on using Amy as my nutritionist and mentor. 

- Marley, Thunder Bay ON